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Bluetooth MSP430 Tank

    Ever wanted to control a tank with your phone?  Well, here’s one way to make it happen. Parts: MSP430 Launchpad with msp430g2553 chip. Wireless Bluetooth V2.0 RS232 TTL Tranceiver Module Motor Drive Booster Pack  You’ll need to make this yourself unless the guy (Parker Dillmann @ who designed it starts selling them.  I [...]

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Reading IR Signal with MSP430

Have you ever had one of those mini remote controlled helicopters?  They are pretty fun, but invariably break after awhile in ways that make them pretty useless (broken main rotor for example).  When this happened to me, I took mine apart and tried to see if there was anything interesting inside.  Apart from a lithium-polymer [...]

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Old Speaker + MSP430 = Sous-Vide Controller

Sous-Vide controller from old computer speaker.

So my favorite kind of project is where I take something with little or no value and turn it into something useful or practical.  Most people would toss an old broken computer speaker in the trash, but I saw it as a perfect platform for a Sous-Vide temperature controller.  This post shows how I did [...]

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